Cosmic Creator

Lauren Faust is a twelve-year veteran of the animation industry, achieving great success in her field as an artist, animator, writer and producer.  She is a lifelong, avid toy collector with a particular interest in the beloved toys of her childhood, including My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake.  Her greatest goal as an artist is to offer up to other girls the same kind of joy and inspiration she experienced as a child, with images of girls and women as positive, active, individualistic, fun, and even a little edgy.

  • Executive Producer for Hasbro’s new “My Little Pony” animated series, which was developed for television by Lauren
  • Creative steward in charge of the My Little Pony re-launch
  • Emmy Award winner with five nominations to her credit
  • Winner of (and four-time nominee for) the animation industry’s coveted Annie awards
  • Director, writer, and story artist for the wildly popular POWERPUFF GIRLS franchise created by husband Craig McCracken
  • Head Writer and Supervising Producer on award-winning animated series FOSTER’S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS on Cartoon Network